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With a three-pronged objective of enhancing the status of the English Setter, promoting the welfare of field trials in general, and memorializing the late John S. O'Neall Sr., the Georgia-Alabama Sportsman's started the John S. O'Neall Sr. English Setter Award in the fall of 1980.  This Award is presented to the All Age English Setter winner which accumulates the most points in specified Open All Age trials.  (Those which are qualifying trials for the National Championship).  The cash prize to the winning handler is $2,500.

Previous winners: Shadow Oak Bo, Tekoa Mountain Jettsun, Hytest Sky Hawk, Hytest Sky Hawk, Hytest Sky Hawk, I Feel Free, Cane Creek Brutus, T's Gunrunner, Tommy B, Crescent City Dexter, Alamance Little Rock, Oak Hurst Ellen, Crescent City Dexter, Ch. Ida O Priscilla, Ch. Murray's Glide, Ch. Hicks Rising Sun, Ch. Desert Rambler, Ch. Hicks Rising Sun, Ch. Skidrow Joe, Ch. Tekoa Mountain Sunrise (1988-1989-1990-1991-1992), Ch. Spring Garden Keeper, Ray's Daily Express,  Ch. Tekoa Knikki, Ch. Andy's Safari Sami, Ch. The Sportsman Brier, Wiregrass Thor's Pabst, Ch. Mr. Motion.

The Herman F. Smith Setter Derby Award was first presented in 1983 field trial season.  Herman Smith began his career as a professional trainer in Virginia.  Later he moved to south Alabama.  Herman developed several top all-age setters such as Beau Essig's Don, Blizzard's Calvacade, Flaming Star, and Mr. Thor.  The cash award the first year was $250.  Now this prize is $1,500.

Previous Winners: Skydancer's Dancing Bull, Get Back Jack, Mauck's Wyeast Mikki, Tekoa Mt. Jettsun, Hytest Palladin, Hytest Skyhawk, Bobby Hugh B, Jetsetter, Brick Church Avalanche, Lola Canola tied with Jack's Grandson Lee, Cane Creek Brutus, Tommy B, Mac's Tosh, Bozeann's Ican Too, Tekoa Mountain Rising, Tekoa Sunrise Mona, Ann's Rising Beauty, Cherokee Sadie, Ch. Kapalaea Sky Raider, Ch. Tekoa Mountain Hyklass, Ch. Desert rambler, Out of Touch, Rep, Ch. Tekoa Mountain Zephyr, Ch. Tekoa Mountain Sunrise, Ch. Pardon My Dust, Bozeann's Czyz, Crawford County Shag, Ch. Bozeann's Mosley.

The Elwin G. Smith Setter Shooting Dog Award was established in 1984.  It honors the top Setter shooting dog in the nation in open horseback competition.  Since the early sixties the name of "Smith Setters" has been synonymous with excellence in this phase of competition. Elwin and Inez Smith have been dedicated patrons of the sport with a continued goal of improving the breeding strains of Setters.  The cash award to the winning handler is $2,500.

Previous Winners: The Insider, The Insider, The Insider, Stone Tavern Matrix, Stone Tavern Matrix, Stone Tavern Matrix, Ravenwood Riley, Ravenwood Riley, Clark's Black Copper, True Citizen, Macdara, Ragged Hill Nip, Ch. New Hope, Ch. Hamilton's Blue Diamond (1997-1998), Ch. Cinimod Tramp, Ch. Alabama Trip, Ch. Destinare, Ch. Baraka, Ch. Fair Play, Ch. Grouse Ridge Hank, Ch. Grandeur, Diablo's Will, Ch. The Performer (1987-1988), Ch. Brawny Lad, Ch. Flair, Ch. Barnum.

The Bill Conlin Setter Shooting Dog Derby Award started in 1986.  This award honors the top shooting dog derby in horseback trials.  Bill Conlin was a beloved trainer who trained in the New England area and also during winters used grounds in Alabama for training.  The prize is $1500.

Previous Winners: Espionage, Ridge Creek Cody, Go for Broke, Awsum Angel, Barbaro, Smarty Smith, Clayhill Chuck, Magnotta's Cab Franc, Lady Selena, Ironstone Bodacious, High Mark, The Lear Jet, Sand Ridge Tony, Pekoe, Ch. Hamilton's Blue Diamond, The Franchise, Ch. True Citizen, Ch. First Rate, Grouse Ridge Virginia, Ch. Grouse Ridge Henry, Ch. Triton, Ch. Sun Storm, Ch. Baraka, Her Grace, Ch. Tekoa Mountain Sunrise, Ch. Grandeur.

In 1990 the Michael A. Seminatore Setter Cover Dog Award was established.  Cover Dog individuals and clubs have worked to raise the funds to honor Michael A. Seminatore.  Seminatore had been tireless in his efforts to forward the competition of English Setters in cover dog trials.  (In Cover Dog trials the handlers are on foot.)  Prize - $2500.

Previous Winners: Long Gone Madison, Long Gone Madison, Cooper Mountain Pepsi, Long Gone Madison, Magic's Rocky Bellboa, Sky Blue Belle, Cracklin Tail Speed, Pioneer Will, Pine Hill Bonnie, Blue Streak, Chip's Super Chunk, Seneca's Autumn Reign, Ch. Long Gone Agnes, Ch. Body Guard, Ch. Wrong Way, Ch. Chip's Diablo Ott, Ch. Grouse Ridge Storm, Ch. Crystal Light, Ch. Cracker Jack train, Ch. Stillmeadow's Jim, Ch. Country Express, Ch. Kingway.

The Thomas M. Flanagan Setter Cover Dog Derby Award was first presented in 1996.  It is awarded to the setter which accumulates the most points in cover dog derby trials. Thomas Flanagan had been a setter advocate for many years.  He developed and still campaigns the grouse Ridge strain of setters.  Prize-$1500.

Previous winners: Springfield's Showgirl, Stony Fork Fargo, Ch. Long gone Pumpkin, Beaver Meadow trip, Chip's Super Chunk, Gretna Crest Extreme, Promise Me This, Top Seed, Long Gone Daisy, Keystone Red Ryder, Sumps Timber Noodle, North Star, Full Tilt, Magic Mist Bandit, Wintergreen Max, Fire A Way.

The Victor B. MacNaughton English Setter Jackpot, which now totals $16,500.  This Jackpot will be evenly divided between the owner and handler of the Setter National Bird Dog Champion at grand Junction, Tennessee.  Gifts to swell the jackpot ever larger are most welcome.

The John O'Neall, Jr. Amateur Shooting Dog Setter Award  The first Trophy was presented after the 2000-2001 field trial season.  The qualifying trials appeared in the ad published in The American Field August 12, 2000 on page 21.  Any individual interested in contributing toward this award may mail donations to The English Setter Fund, P.O. Box 231, Hatchechubbee, AL 36858.

Previous Winners: Lone Mountain Magique, Ironstone Jungle King, Grouse Feather Trooper, Lone Mountain Magique, Panovski's Wild John, Gotta Lotta Nose, Pineywoods Nick, White's Rising Buddy, Cokesbury Kate, Sumterís Pendleton Max, Ultimate Reissue, Sumterís Pendleton Max.

The George Evans Amateur All Age Award The qualifying trials appeared in the ad published in The American Field August 12, 2000 on page 21. 

Previous Winners: Wild Wing High Anxiety, Tekoa Mountain Jettsun, Winter Patchwork, Barker's Blue Horizon, Clark's Black Copper, Smoke Rise Rebel, Ravenwood Riley, Smoke Rise Rebel, Enhancement Sinsation, Pinekone Max Jr., The Game Warden

To insure  sound financial management of the donations to the English Setter Fund, a corporation was established in Georgia.  All donations are invested in long term U.S. treasury bonds to keep the awards secure and perpetual. Interest from these bonds have provided funds to offer the generous cash awards to handlers of winning setters.  The owners receive a beautiful engraved plaque.

Donations are always welcome for the English Setter Fund!  
Mail to: The English Setter Fund, Inc. P.O. Box 231, Hatchechubbee, Al 36858

*If anyone has pictures of a dog  mentioned on this website that is not pictured, (or a better picture) it would be sincerely appreciated if you would send them to Nancy M. Evans at P.O. Box 428, Pattison, TX 77466.  Year dates of the wins & owners and handler names would also be appreciated, or email them to: nmevans296@gmail.com and we will post them for all of our viewers.  

Thanks and Happy Field Trialing!!!!!!


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