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George Evans Amateur All Age Award
John S. O'Neall Sr
Herman F. Smith
Elwin G. Smith
Setter Shooting
Bill Conlin Setter Shooting Dog
Michael A. Seminatore
Setter Cover
Thomas Flanagan
Setter Cover
Victor B. MacNaughton
John O'Neall Jr.
Amateur Shooting Dog
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  George Evans Amateur All Age Award Winners

2012 - Stimulus Package

Owner - Tom Griffin
Handler - Tom Griffin

2011 - Prodigy's High Anxiety

Owner - Betty Shearouse
Handler - Betty Shearouse

2010 - Tekoa Mountain Jettsun

Owner - Eric Mauck
Handler - Eric Mauck

2009 - Winter Patchwork

Owner - Jim Michaletz
Handler - Holtan/Michaletz

2008 - Barker's Blue Horizon

Owner - Larry Carpenter/Bob Barker
Handler - Bob Barker

2007 - Clark's Black Copper

Owner - Great River Kennels
Handler - Brian Sanchez

2006 - Smoke Rise Rebel

Owner - Fred Rose
Handler - Fred Rose


2005 - Ravenwood Riley 

Owner - Joe Cincotta
Handler - Joe Cincotta

2004 - Smoke Rise Rebel

Owner - Fred Rose
Handler - Fred Rose

2003 - Enhancement Sinsation

Owner - B. Sanchez
Handler - B. Sanchez

2002 - Pinekone Max Jr.

Owner - Brian Sullivan
Handler - Brian Sullivan


2001 - The Game Warden

Owner - Difuntorum
Handler - Difuntorum


Previous Winners: Stimulus Package, Wild Wing High Anxiety, Tekoa Mountain Jettsun, Winter Patchwork, Barker's Blue Horizon, Clark's Black Copper, Smoke Rise Rebel, Ravenwood Riley, Smoke Rise Rebel, Enhancement Sinsation, Pinekone Max Jr., The Game Warden
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