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Awards Photo Gallery 2001
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Bill Conlin Shooting Dog High Mark 2001 - Inez Smith - Harold Ray  & Bill Conlin Shooting Dog Derby Award Dale Bush Presenting
George Evans Award.
Dale Bush & George Evans Trophy first year awarded. Dick Brenneman w/ Top Seed--Bobby Kirk w/Alamance Little Rock--(back row) Mr. & Mrs. Bob Watts, Sharon Lund, Michael Kirk, Bob Lee and Neal Smith.
Elwin Smith Open Shooting Dog Award: Macdara (dog) Joseph Cossetti owner, Shawn Kinkclaar handler. George Evans Trophy Harold Ray w/ High Mark, Inez Smith standing Herman Smith All-age Derby Award: Cane Creek Brutus, Neal Smith, owner Bobby Kirk, handler.
Highmark - Inez Smith - Harold Ray Inez Smith presenting Elwin Smith Award. John ONeall, Jr. Award: Ultimate Reissue (dog) Lto R George Ekdahl owner, Mervin Eisenhart handler. John Oneall Sr. Award: Alamance Little Rock--Neal Smith, owner Bobby Kirk, handler.
Thomas Flanagan Cover Dog Award: Top Seed (dog) Bob Watts and Dick Brenneman. Shaun Kinkclaar w/Mcdara--Bobby Kirk w/Cane Creek Brutus (Back Row) Joseph Cassetti-Sharon Lund--Mrs. Cassetti--Bob Lee--Neal Smith. Macdara Mervin Eisenhart w/ Ultimate Reissue (back Row) Mrs. Eisenhart, Sharon Lund, Mr. & Mrs. George Ekdahl.
Mervin Eisenhart w/Ultimate Reissue and Pat Oneall. John ONeall Jr. Trophy    

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