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   Shadow Oak Bo, crowned 2013 National Champion !!

Shadow Oak Bo, English Setter male owned by Butch Houston and Dr. John Dorminy and handled by Robin Gates has won the 2013 National Championship at The Ames Plantation with seven finds and three backs.  Shadow Oak Bo has thus laid claim to the Setter Fund Jackpot awarded to the first setter to win the National Championship since Johnny Crocket in 1970. 

The Board of Directors of the English Setter Fund extend their heartiest congratulations to Shadow Oak Bo, his owners and handler, Robin Gates.  The Board of Directors also wish to thank all of the bird dog patrons and friends who've made the Setter Fund Jackpot possible through their efforts and monetary donations over these many years.  Additional Information on the award presentation will be forthcoming.  For more information go to
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About The English Setter Fund

To insure  sound financial management of the donations to the English Setter Fund, a corporation was established, which is incorporated in Georgia.  All donations are invested in long term U.S. treasury bonds to keep the the awards secure and perpetual. Interest from these bonds have provided funds to offer the generous cash awards to handlers of winning setters.  The owners receive a beautiful engraved plaque.  

President:  Collier Smith
Vice-Presidents;  Robert K. David
Secretary: Nancy M. Evans
Treasurer:  Dorothy Hyder

Directors: Ryan Frame, Dale Bush, Patricia O'Neall,  and Joseph Cincotta.

Donations are always welcome for the English Setter Fund!  
Mail to: The English Setter Fund, Inc. P.O. Box 231, Hatchechubbee, Al 36858


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